With the ups no orrying about power outage at game

What is the biggest fear of playing games? Broken line! Fighting in groups until the most intense time; This time is finally coming; The fierce battle has ended, and the rewards have not been picked up yet At this moment, there was a sudden power outage, the computer screen went black instantly, teammates saw your game avatar turn gray instantly, and your blood pressure suddenly increased. This is probably the moment that game enthusiasts hate the most.

Not only when playing games, but also when working regularly, we often encounter important documents that we haven’t had time to save. We work hard to create a PowerPoint presentation in the middle of the night, but due to an unexpected power outage, everything was burned down. The kind of collapse is really unacceptable.

In addition to the loss of these data, accidental power outage of the computer may also cause hardware damage. Sudden power outage during high-speed operation of the hard drive can easily damage the disk surface and cause irreparable damage.

Can we only use laptops to avoid such unexpected situations? But even laptops cannot guarantee the normal operation of network modems (commonly known as “cats”) and routers. Does a desktop computer not have a battery reserve similar to a laptop? Actually, the answer is yes, UPS uninterruptible power supply.

UPS power supply is a type of uninterrupted power supply . UPS power supply is usually a voltage stabilizer, filtering out abnormal voltage and current fluctuations in the market power, providing more stable power output to your computer, reducing the pressure on the computer power supply and other hardware. In extreme situations such as strong surges and lightning strikes, UPS will also withstand the impact first. UPS uninterruptible power supply with lightning protection and surge protection function can provide an additional layer of protection for your computer hardware.