UPS uninterrupted power supply safety precautions

UPS uninterrupted power supply can prevent losses caused by sudden power outages, so safe use is very important. We can pay attention to safety from the following aspects.

1. To prevent the occurrence of fire or electric shock disasters, please place the UPS uninterruptible power supply in an indoor environment with suitable temperature.

2. When maintaining or repairing internal batteries, relevant professional personnel should carry out or provide guidance, and necessary measures should be taken.

3. If the battery needs to be replaced, be sure to use the same quantity and model of batteries.

4. Do not throw the battery into the fire, otherwise it may cause an explosion.

5. Batteries pose a risk of electric shock, therefore, before replacing them, please follow the following precautions:

(1) Remove the watch, ring, and any metal objects worn;

(2) Tools designed with insulated handles;

(3) Wear rubber gloves and work shoes;

(4) Do not place tools or metal parts on top of the battery;

(5) After disconnecting the charging power, connect or disconnect the battery terminals.