Uninterruptible Power Supplies Battery Backup 1 hour UPS

If you wanna learn Uninterruptible Power Supplies ups , with Battery Backup 1 hours UPS , we’d like to recommend the following ups for reference.

2Kva 1800W , 0.9 factor , quiet working , high frequency online ups in pure sine wave working mode . The transfer time will be certainly 0ms , to help to swift convert to battery working once mains power failure . This working priciple will do protection for precision device , computer , data center .

The Uninterruptible Power Supplies 2kva 1800W , with 12V 7AH * 4 , 4 piece 12V 7AH batteries in a sack , has 336wh , could help a 200W computer backup 1 hours after power outage . solid metal and easy operation buttons , just connect the cable to device and main grid , press the power up button on machine , then the machine will be working, so it will be easily operate.

LCD Display :
LCD interface: Convenient and fast access to mains and UPS status information.

Wave Form:
Sine wave topology structure: improves performance and extends the lifespan of sensitive PCs and electronic devices.

Backup UPS High Factor 0.9
Compatible with Active Power Factor Correction power supplies.

1. Automatic voltage regulation: Immediate correction of voltage fluctuations caused by power outages and overvoltage.

2. Automatic diagnostic testing: Ensure that the device is always on standby when needed.

3. USB charging port: simultaneously charging mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as BMS software: accessing other power protection and management functions.

Protect :
Protect your work, shut down the system during power outages, and restart with minimal interruption.

Customized service :
Customize Back-UPS settings and monitor power and battery status.

If you wanna other backup time , like 15minutes , 30minutes , 2 hours , 3hours or more long backup time , pls feel free to contact with us . We could recommend more suitable Uninterruptible Power Supplies Battery Backup UPS , we have backup offline ups , online ups , low frequency industial ups for optional .