Tips choosing ups power supply battery

  • Using on-load measurement to check the appearance, if there are no abnormalities, the UPS uninterruptible power supply operates in battery mode and needs to carry a certain amount of load. If the discharge duration is lower than the normal discharge duration, and after eight hours of charging, the normal backup time is still not available, it can be judged as battery aging.

  • Distinguish from the appearance and observe whether there is deformation, protrusion, leakage, splitting or bursting, and whether there is oxide leakage at the screw connection.

  • Use a multimeter to measure the voltage of each battery terminal in the battery pack during battery discharge. If one or more battery terminal voltages are higher than the nominal voltage, it is judged as battery aging; Measure the charging voltage of each battery end in the battery pack during mains power. If one or more batteries have a charging voltage that is significantly higher than other voltages, it can determine battery aging. The total voltage measurement of the battery pack shows that the voltage in the battery pack is significantly lower than the standard value, and after 8 hours of charging, it still cannot recover to the normal value, or the discharge time cannot reach the normal discharge duration, which is judged as battery aging.

If the UPS uninterruptible power supply battery is found to be aged or damaged, please operate under the guidance of professional personnel, or contact the manufacturer to replace the battery to ensure that the UPS uninterruptible power supply backup time reaches the installation value. Shanpu UPS power supply brand, with over ten years of rich experience in UPS power selection and implementation, will continue to make efforts to improve power quality issues. We hope to work together with design institutes, owners, and electromechanical integrators to build a good power supply environment.