Shanpu pure sine wave online ups battery backup 8 hours

Wanna find a online ups , carrying battery could backup 8 hours ? Shanpu pure sine wave 6kva online ups will be a nice optional for choice .

The 6kva ups backup 8hours parameter is as below :

6kva 5400W , built-in large capacity 12V*7AH *16pcs , 1344AH

50hz/ 60HZ auto sense , could auto track

Pure sine wave , voltage stablized to 220V ±10% , surge protector

Short circuit protection , overload protection , overcurrent protection

Stable Power Supply: provides stable power to prevent power fluctuations and sudden power outages
Device Protection: Do not demage operation machine , and won’t power outage
Data protection: In the event of a power outage, the router UPS can protect your data from loss or damage and ensure that you can continue to work trouble-free.

ups battery backup 8 hours online UPS with built-in batteries has widely application , like below :

Home Office: Protect computers, printers, and network devices in the home office from power issues, ensuring continuity of work and data security.
Small businesses: Provide stable power supply to small businesses, protect critical equipment and data, and avoid business interruption and losses.

Audio and video production: During the audio and video production process, a UPS with built-in batteries can protect computers, cameras, and audio devices from power fluctuations and sudden power outages, ensuring the smooth progress of the project.

Home entertainment system: Protects devices such as televisions, audio systems, and game consoles in the home entertainment system from power issues, providing a continuous entertainment experience.

pure sine wave online ups provides a stable power supply, protects equipment from damage, and ensures game continuity and data security. In addition, similar UPS systems are also suitable for homes