Low frequency 2.4KW 3KW 3.2KW 4KW DC AC hybrid energy power built in mppt solar inverter

Pure sine wave solar inverter
220V / 110V (customized)
Configurable priority  of Solar / AC /  battery
Built-in MPPT /PWM30-60 controller
Compatible for all kinds of battery
Selectable charging current base on applications
Optional lead acid battery / lithium battery
DC start & automatic self-diagnostic function

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Product Details

Pure sine wave, adapted to different device, Short circuit protection , PWM/MPPT Optional , BMS Optional , RS485 Optional, Configurate parameters as request

Product Parameters

Product name Solar inverter
Type Off grid solar inverter
Model SP-1012/24
Rated output power 2400W
nominal input voltage 220Vac(regular) , 110Vac (customized)
voltage range 154-264Vac±3V ( normal mode )  77-132Vac±3V(110V machine)
Frequency 50/60HZ
Charge controller
Output voltage under the mains electricity same as the mains input voltage
Output frequency under the mains power same as the mains input frequency
output voltage under Inverter 220Vac±10% ; ( 110Vac±10%)
output frequency under Inverter 50/60HZ
Input waveform under the inversion Pure wine wave
Battery type External LiFePO4, Lead Acid ,Lithium , and all kinds of battery
Battery voltage 12VDC/ 24VDC/48VDC
Battery charging voltage 13.7VDC/27.4DC/54.8VDC
Maximum PV array power 12V:800W/24V:1600W/48:3200W
PV input voltage range(PWM/MPPT) 12V: MPPT 15-150Vdc / PWM 15V-30VDC( could custom 50VDC)
24V: MPPT 30-150Vdc / PWM 30V-60VDC( could custom 105VDC)
48V: MPPT 60-150Vdc / PWM 60V-105VDC
Max PV Array open circuit Voltage 12V: MPPT 150Vdc / PWM 30VDC( could custom 50VDC)
24V: MPPT 150Vdc / PWM 60VDC( could custom 105VDC)
48V: MPPT 150Vdc / PWM 105VDC
Best Vmp working range 12V: MPPT 15-105Vdc / PWM 15V-20VDC
24V: MPPT 30-105Vdc / PWM 30V-40VDC
48V: MPPT 60-105Vdc / PWM 60V-85VDC
Max PV charge current 60A
Max AC charge current 30A/15A
Convert time ≤10ms(UPS mode)/≤20ms(INVmode)
Load peak ratio MAX)3:1
Convert time 10ms (typical UPS), 20ms (household appliances)
Wave form Pure wine wave
overload capacity 1 min@≥102%-110%load;10s@110%-130%load ; 3s@130%-150%load
LCD Display Operating mode/load/input/output information and etc.
Energy storage battery
Battery type LiFePO4, Lead Acid ,Lithium , and all kinds of battery
Defencive function Output short circuit / overload / over temperature protection etc.
Working temperature 0°c – 40°c
Size 490*312*125MM(for reference)
Product details
 Low frequency solar inverter structure