500W Portable Solar Charging Station Generator Solar Panel Power Station With Lifep04 Lithium Battery

Pure sine wave
Rated power : 500W
Phase : single / three phase
Battery type : Lithium Ion Lifepo4
Battery capacity : 256wh/320wh/384wh/512wh
Output port : 220V Universal socket / USB 1A / USB2A
Multiple charging modes : AC / solar / car charging

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portable outdoor power generator

Product  Feature

Portable Solar Charging Station , also call solar panel power station the feature is as below :

1. Multi-charging method , PV solar pannel, municipal electricity, vehicle charge
2. Three types of outpout : USB , 12V DC output , three hole socket
3. Pure sine wave , protect machine from demage
4. Solar generator inner with LiFePO4 battery
5. BMS Intelligent Battery Management system
6. AC port support diverse device , like water boiler,fan , juice extractor, coffee maker,frying pan, and etc.
7. USB port could charge for camera , phone , and others
8. Small size , easy to carry out , good power generator for outdoor

Solar Generator Parameters
Model 500W/256WH 500W/320WH 500W/384WH 500W/512WH
Rated power 500W
Moment peak power 800W
Wave form pure sine wave
Battery type LiFePO4 battery
Protection BMS battery protection , overload , overcurrent, short circuit , over temperature protection
Battery Capcity 256WH/256000mah 320WH/320000mah 384WH/384000mah 512WH/512000mah
AC charger 14.6V 5A 14.6V 5A 14.6V 5A 14.610A
Main Charging time ≥4H ≥5H ≥5H ≥6H
AC input voltage 200-240Vac
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
AC output port three hole socket 220V  10A*1
DC output port DC 12V 10A*3
USB output port QC3.0*1 , USB 1A*1 , USB 2A*1 , USB type C
working temperatue 0-45℃
Weight(kg) 4 4.3 4.5 4.7
Accessories Instructions, certificate of conformity, charger
Solar Generator Details




Product  Application

Solar power station , outer solar generator could be widely used for diverse appliance
1.  Outdoor camping , caravans , self-driving trip, night stall lighting
2. Family eletricity emergency power
3. Outdoor photography , outdoor lights
4. Rice cooker , water boiler , portable computers
5. Stall freezer , fan , audio , game machine