3KW 5kw 10KW off Grid Solar Energy Storage Inverter Photovoltaic PV Solar Inverter

hybrid solar inverters
3KW / 5KW / 10KW optional
Configurable priority  of Solar / AC /  battery
Pure sine wave solar inverter
Built-in MPPT solar charger
Compatible for all kinds of battery
Input power factor 1
Support without battery

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Product Details

1.Off-grid reverse control all-in-one machine, support mains and photovoltaic solar two-way input DPS digital control technology
2.Double conversion online design, using input PFC technology, input power of 0.99, efficient inverter topology, higher output efficiency
3. The battery balancing function optimizes battery performance and has higher energy storage efficiency
4. Support battery cold start-up
5.Built-in dust net kit, suitable for harsh environment
6. Optional for WIFI communication interface

hybrid solar inverter

Product Parameters

Model SP-3024MH SP-3024AMH SP-5048MH SP-5048MHB SP-10048MH
Rated Power 3000VA/3000W 3000VA/3000W 5000VA/5000W 5000VA/5000W 10KVA/10KW
Formation L+N+PE
Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage Range 154~264VAC ±3V(Normal Mode);185~264VAC± 3V(UPS Mode)
Frequency 50/60Hz(Adaptive)
AC Voltage Regulation 208/220/230/240VAC 5%
Frequency 50/60Hz ±0.1%
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Time 10ms for Computer Equipment; 20ms for Household Equipment
Peak Power 6000VA 6000VA 10KVA 10KVA 20KVA
Overload Ability 1min@102%~110% load; 10s@110%~130% load; 3s@130%~150% load; 200ms@>150% load
Efficiency (Peak) >94%
Rated Voltage 24VDC 24VDC 48VDC 48VDC 48VDC
Constant Charging Voltage 28.2VDC 28.2VDC 56.4VDC 56.4VDC 56.4VDC
Foat Charging Voltage 27VDC 27VDC 54VDC 54VDC 54VDC
Solar Charger Type MPPT
Maxium PV Charge Power 1500W 4000W 5500W 5500W 10KW
MPPT Tracking Range 30~145VDC 120~430VDC 120~430VDC 120~430VDC 120~430VDC
Maxium PV Charge Voltage 150VDC 450VDC 450VDC 450VDC 450VDC
Dimension(D*W*H)(mm) 125*312*490 139*575*621
Net Weight (kgs) 11 11 12 12 20
Parallel Interface Support
Communication Interface USB/RS232/BMS Card/Wifi/Dry-contact
Display LCD(can display operating mode/load/input/output)
Humidity 20%~95%(Non Condensing)
Operating Temperature 0℃~40°℃
Storage Temperature -15℃~60℃
Working Noice <50dB
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