1ks 2ks 3ks 6ks 10ks External Battery Long Time Backup Online Ups Uninterruptible Power Supply

Double conversion with 0ms transfer time
Green power design, power factor 0.9
Regulated voltage output
Configurable backup time , accept OEM ODM
Pure sine wave adaptable to harsh environment

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Product  Feature

Double conversion with 0ms transfer time
DSP control technology,high reliability
Green power design, power factor 0.9
Wider range of input voltage frequency
Intelligent battery performance management
ECO mode efficiency is up to 98%
Pure sinewave adaptable to harsh environment
Configurable backup time
Optional Parallel function

Product Parameters
Models SP1K(S) SP2K(S) SP3K(S) SP6K(S) SP10K(S)
Phase Single-phase , could custom three phase
Capacity 1kva/900W 2kva/1800W 3kva/2700W 6kva/5400W 10kva/9000W
Voltage range 110-300VAC
Frequency range 50HZ/60HZ
Power factor 0.9
Outut voltage 220VAC+1%(208,220,230,240 adjustable on LCD screen).110VAC+1%Optional
Frequency range 50 Hz (60HZ selectable)+0.25 Hz
(battery mode)
Transfer time 0ms
Wave Form Pure sine wave
Standard Battery model 12V/7AH (Standard) , 12V/9AH(Optional)
carrying Battery quantity 2 4 6 16 16
Battery Max charging current 1.0A
Charge to full 4 hours to be 90% full 6 hours to be 90% full 6 hours to be 90% full  9 hours to be 90% full 9 hours to be 90% full
Long-run Battery model Depends on the users
LCD or LED display Load size,battery capacity,mains mode,battery mode,bypass mode,fault indication
Control Management USB / RS-232 , SNMP optional
UPS Applications

Data center , computer, network device
Commercial facility, precision instrument
IT and network equipment  , Bank system
Adapted to electricity generator