10k-200kVA Low Frequency Online UPS Three Phase 220V 380V 400V Industry UPS

1. Low frequency online ups
2. Could custom 10k-200kva
3. three phase input – three phase output
4. three phase input – single phase output
5. External batteries as request

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10k-200kVA Low Frequency Online UPS Three Phase 380V 400V Industry UPS

Shanpu Low frequency ups Shanpu Low frequency ups

Product  Feature

Low frequency online ups , volatage 220V , 380V 400V optional , pure sine wave ,  it’s also called industrial ups. Voltage 10kva to 200kva available , accept customized service , one phase input one phase output , three phase input three input phase output , three phase input one phase output .

1. Digital control for online double conversion
2. Built-in output isolation transformer
3. ndustrial-grade design for harsh conditions
4. Positive maintenance design
5.Adaptable to various load conditions
6. Up to 4 units can be operated in parallel
7.Rich communication interface

Product Parameters
Model 3C33 3C33 3C33 3C33 3C33 3C33 3C33
10KS 15KS 20KS 30KS 40KS 60KS 80KS
capacity 10kva 15kva 12KW 20kva 30kva 24KW 40kva 32KW 60kva 48KW 80kva
8KW 12KW 16KW 24KW 32KW 48KW 64KW
Rated Voltage 3X380VaC/400VaC
Input Phase Three phase + N + G
Frequency 50Hz ± 10%
Soft start 0 – 100%;5 second
Output phase Three phase + N + G
Voltage Stability Steady state:t1%typical value
Transient:+5%Typical value
Output voltage 380 VAC ± 1% (steady-state load); 380 VAC ± 5% (influenced by load)
Output frequency 50HZ / 60HZ (sensing swift) +1%
Crest factor 3:1
Wave form Pure Sine Wave
Peak Coefficient 110%~150%10min~60s;>160%200ms
Dynamic Adjustment Time 120°± 1% (balanced load); 120°± 2% (50% unbalanced load)
@100% Unbalanced Load <1%
Current Limit Extremely heavy overload, short circuit: voltage RMS limit; inrush current: peak voltage limit
Transfer time 0ms
Communication Connector  RS 232,  485 communication management,  stem node
Battery Number 12VDCx32pcs(29~32pcs adjustable)
Rated Voltage 384VDC(based on 32pcs adjustable)
Charging Method CC/CV
Charging Current Preset 10A Default 10A, maximum 40A
Charging Voltage  432 VDC (based on 32 adjustable)
 SIZE(mm)  656*405*817 656*405*941 821*432*1159 975*544*1286
 N.W.(KG) 118 120 130 193 256 297 400
 G.W(KG) 135 137 150 211 276 317 429
Low frequency ups Details

Shanpu Low frequency ups Shanpu Low frequency ups Shanpu Low frequency ups Shanpu Low frequency ups

Product Application

Low frequency online ups application was wide , like as below :

1. Distributed networks , industrial equipment , medical Equipment
2. Network wiring closet , precision Instruments , supermarket chains
3. Banking finance , transportation System , video Surveillance
4. Self-service Banking, ricketing aystem , building master , control room