Mini DC UPS Wifi Router Backup Power Supply Ups

Mini DC UPS Feature

mini dc ups 18W 24W 36W for optional , it was usually used as Wifi Router Backup Power Supply

Application: Wifi /router / optical moderm / monitoring camera
Standby Time: About 10-12 hours , according to device power
Output Capacity: Small type
Battery Capacity: 8800mah / 10400mah
Frequency: 50 / 60hz
Input Voltage: 130-280Vac , 100-140vac input could custom
Output Voltage: 220V / 230Vac , 110Vac optional
Battery Specifications: Lifep04 Battery
Display: LED display
Model: DC1080P
Size: 16010533mm
Rated Power: 18W
DC Output Porter: 5V/9V/12V / USB / POE /LAN port
Color: White / Black , or custom logo

Mini DC UPS Parameters

wifi router ups
Output power18W24W36W
Output PortUSB 5V/2AUSB 5V/2AUSB 5V/2A
DC 5V/2ADC 5V/2ADC 5V/2A
DC 9V/1ADC 9V/2ADC 9V/2A
DC 12V/1ADC 12V/2ADC 12V/2A
POE15V/0.6APOE 15V/1APOE 15V/1A
POE 24V/0.6APOE 24V/1APOE 24V/1A
Input port85-265Vac
Battery typeLithium-lon battery/LiFePO4 battery
Battery capacity2000mah*4 / 2600mah * 4
Color Standard black , custom color is available
EfficiencyAC municipal power mode >85% , Battery mode>90%
Power supply typeAutomatic uninterrupted power supply
Protection Over-charge,over-current,overload,over-temperature and short circuit protection
Product size160*105*33mm
Packing size180*160*37mm
Net weight0.39kg0.4kg0.42kg
Gross weight0.5kg0.52kg0.56kg
Work temperature0ºC-40ºC

The benefits of Mini UPS include:

Protection equipment: In case of power interruption, Mini UPS can provide temporary backup power supply to avoid equipment damage or data loss.

Convenient to carry: Mini DC UPS is usually small and lightweight, easy to carry, and suitable for mobile devices or occasions that require temporary power supply.

Quick switching: Mini DC UPS has a fast switching function, which can provide backup power immediately in case of power interruption, ensuring continuous power supply to the equipment.