UPS Maintenance

1. The UPS use environment should be well ventilated.

2. Do not carry inductive loads, such as cash registers, fluorescent lights, air conditioning, etc., to avoid damage.

3,The UPS optimal output load control is around 60% will be highest reliability.

4. UPS carrying too light load (for example 1000VA UPS carrying 100VA load) may cause deep discharge of the battery, which will reduce its service life.

5. Proper discharge can help activate the battery. If the power supply is not stopped for a long time, the UPS should be manually cut off and discharged on load every three months, which can extend the battery’s service life.

6. When turning on the small UPS, it is necessary to avoid starting it with load. After work, the UPS should be turned off.

7. UPS should be charged promptly after discharge.