Lithium Battery 10400mAh 5V 9V 12V Mini Router UPS for WiFi Router Modem

Let me introduce a popular mini router ups , with Lithium Battery 10400mAh , the output port including 5V 9V 12V poe lan port , usually used for wifi router modem


  • Built-in lithium battery 10400mAh
  • Intelligent circuit design with over-charging, over-discharging and short circuit protection.
  • DC 5V/9V/12V output voltage selectable
  • 15V/24V POE port , LAN port for connecting wifi router cable port
  • Input Voltage : 80-220V ac
  • Customized products of various capacities
  • Could be used as power bank to carry out , easy to put in a bag

Mini router ups APPLICATION :
Router/Wifi / Modem / VOIP Phone Systems Surveillance Systems/ Modem/Security Systems

The Importance and Protection Function of Using Router UPS
In modern society, our dependence on the Internet is increasing. Whether in the home or office environment, the stability of network connectivity is crucial for our work and life. However, the instability of power supply may lead to network disruptions
And equipment damage. To solve this problem, using a uninterruptible power supply has become a wise choice. Why use a router UPS?

  1. Ensure network connectivity stability: can provide stable power supply to prevent power fluctuations and sudden power outages from affecting network connectivity. This means that even in the event of power failure or power outage, your network can still operate normally.
  2. Protect equipment from damage: Power fluctuations and sudden power outages may cause damage to routers and other network devices. Using a mini router wifi UPS can provide stable power and avoid equipment damage due to power issues.
  3. Ensuring data security: If your router is not protected by UPS during a power outage, your network connection will be interrupted, which may result in data loss or work interruption. Using UPS ensures that your data is protected and you can continue working without interference.

Scope of use
Router UPS is suitable for various scenarios, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Home network: Using at home can ensure stable home network connectivity and protect your home entertainment and office needs.
  2. Office network: Using a in the office can ensure employee work efficiency and prevent work interruptions caused by power issues.
  3. Small business network: For small businesses, the stability of network connectivity is crucial for business operations. Using a mini UPS can ensure network continuity and avoid potential losses.