Advantages and disadvantages of home energy storage systems

Home energy storage is generally referred to as home energy storage and refers to home energy storage devices that store power locally for future use. Home energy storage systems are used primarily by storing excess power generated by solar panels in a battery bank for easy access to the home at any time.

When it is daytime. When the sun is shining normally, the solar PV modules produce more energy that the batteries can store to ensure power at night or on other cloudy or rainy days. It is also because the batteries can optimize the use of electricity to ensure the effective operation of the entire home-based pure system. At the same time, if the home electricity suddenly suspended, such as desktop computer drawings future timely preservation, refrigerator freshly melted, may deteriorate, but there are home energy storage system, in this case can maintain continuity, the response time is very short.

1.Home energy storage system includes the following components.

2.PV (light flexible solar panel or folded molded panel)

3.Inverter or multi-function inverter (you can choose according to your needs)

4.WIFI module or 4G module

    5. Battery storage battery (divided into wall-mounted, floor-standing roller type, battery combination removable type, according to their own power consumption to choose. According to the electricity consumption, the main houses in Europe are wooden, may consider the weight of the wall-mounted type).

    6. Second, the advantages and disadvantages of home energy storage

      The advantages of home energy storage systems are (1) reducing emissions, reducing pollution and demand on a grid that relies on coal and natural gas; (2) blackout safety, providing backup power in the event of a blackout or emergency; (3) reducing costs, saving money by using less energy from the grid;; (4) becoming energy independent, storing excess solar energy and reducing grid use; (5) reducing peak demand, during peak hours support the grid and provide stable grid service.

      The disadvantages of home energy storage systems are as follows: higher upfront costs; increased total system costs.

      Home energy storage system makes solar panel power generation more reliable and avoids the disadvantage of not being able to generate power on rainy days, affected by the world energy crisis, these systems are becoming more and more common, accepted and loved by everyone, protecting the environment, energy saving and sustainable power generation.