110V 220V ac ups power supply prolong backup time

As the importance of storing data in various industries becomes increasingly prominent, users have increasingly stringent requirements for having a longer backup time to ensure the continuous operation of critical applications during prolonged power outages during peak electricity usage.

In this situation, how to meet the needs of users has become the primary problem that channel partners need to solve. On the one hand, choosing only the standard UPS for long-term backup time is often not enough, and on the other hand, the battery solutions in the market are uneven. Channel partners urgently need an integrated solution that can meet users’ needs for long backup times while ensuring simple configuration and installation operations.

Starting from user needs and considering the actual situation of channel partners, the power supply has introduced a solution of UPS with standardized long delay batteries through standardization and pre configuration, which can ensure special backup time for critical applications and maintain continuous operation even in the event of possible long-term power outages. This not only meets user needs, but also simplifies the configuration, ordering, and installation process.

The power supply has always been known for its continuous innovation, and the long delay solution launched this time adopts a modular battery pack cabinet design, flat packaging and transportation, which can be flexibly and quickly installed and deployed. The overall design of the long delay solution fully considers the safety of the product, meets the power supply specifications, and has a beautiful appearance, saving space, and can be perfectly matched with UPS.